Business Casual: Warm Weather Edition

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If you read my last post on wearing business casual clothing in the cold weather seasons, I'm glad you're back for some more!  If not, be sure to check it out because I repeated some of the same pieces from those outfits in this post.   Picking out these outfits was quite a challenge due to the fact that I walk to and from class and Arizona temperatures were making me sweat through all my cute tops :( 

Let's start with tops.  I have learned that simple is better for the heat, aka black and other neutrals, so they don't show sweat stains haha.  While I stick to this most of the time, I also like to not wear the same thing everyday so I found that wide strap tank tops are great to avoid sweating and can still be layered with a light cardigan for cooler weather or chilly lecture halls.    
I hope this helped to alleviate some stress about dress codes you may be facing in the future (after the quarantine the ends of course), whether it be for school or work, it really isn't that bad!  
XOXO, Cierra   
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